Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Naturopath

1) You want healthcare solutions that work and last.

Naturopathic doctors treat the cause of your concerns with the goal of resolving them – not just covering up symptoms. Our treatments are safe, effective and sustainable. We work with you as a part of your healthcare team so you can reach your health goals!

2) You want to spend more than 5 minutes with your doctor.

Naturopathic doctors have the luxury of time – a first visit is an hour long and allows us to understand you and your health. We take the time to explain why you may be feeling the way you are and what to do about it. The best way for you to improve your health is to understand it!

3) You can’t just Google yourself healthy.

There’s a lot of information out there – you need a doctor who can objectively assess your needs and match it with your individualized treatment plan. Remember that naturopathic doctors are the only ones who are trained to safely and effectively combine prescription medication with natural health products. Ask Dr. Saunders – not Dr. Google!

4) You have vague or peculiar symptoms – you’re tired, stressed, sick, suffer from indigestion or just don’t feel right.

Can no one else give you answers? Naturopathic doctors are the Sherlock Holmes of medicine! After a comprehensive assessment, we aim to find the reason you’re not feeling well and treat it. We value your concerns and will work hard to resolve them.

5) You probably have benefits that will cover the cost!

Naturopathic doctors aren’t covered under OHIP, but are often covered under extended health care coverage. Check with your provider to see if you are covered and book an appointment today!

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