Biomedical Treatments

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Biomedical is the term used to describe a functional medical approach to patient care. Each patient’s unique biology is taken into consideration in order to provide targeted and effective medical treatments to optimize physiologic functioning. Biomedicine is the practice of recognizing that each patient is an individual and providing treatments based on that individuality.

As each child experiences and expresses neurodevelopmental disorders differently, my approach to treatment is to identify and address the factors that affect your child the most.

Biomedical treatments addresses autism as the whole body disorder that it truly is. With a detailed health history and advanced and detailed laboratory testing, is it possible to uncover the specifics of your child’s biochemistry, metabolism and physiological functioning. Based on this, there are effective treatments that can help address the multitude of signs and symptoms of ASDs. Key biomedical interventions include:

  • Hypoallergenic diet, often an elimination of gluten and dairy
  • Methylated Vitamin B-12 injections
  • Essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s)
  • Fat soluble vitamins (A, E, D and K)
  • Immune support and probiotics
  • Anti-microbials
  • Other treatments targeted to individual nutrient requirements

In treating your child, I can help identify and address their unique needs to improve their development. Benefits of these interventions frequently include:

  • Improved eye contact and responsiveness
  • Improved language development and vocabulary
  • Improved social interaction
  • Improved cognitive function, concentration and learning
  • Improved digestion, immune system and sleep

As a naturopathic doctor, I believe autism, ADHD and learning and developmental disorders are treatable and that your child can reach their full potential. I have completed clinician level training through the Autism Research Institute, who formally held the Defeat Autism Now! list. I look forward to working with you and your child through their biomedical treatment!

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