Life & Wellness Coaching FAQ’s

  ‘Here are some of Kerry’s FAQs’:

If we want to get better at a sport, a musical instrument, learn a new language or pick up a new skill – we often don’t hesitate about the thought of hiring someone to help us achieve our goal. Often in life, we are trying to teach ourselves new habits and skills, but without the guidance that we really need. Just like a sports coach, I’m here to get and keep you focused, accountable and motivated. I’m also here to push you a little outside of your comfort zone – where true change happens!

YES! I follow the strict guidelines of the International Coaches Federation AND I run my life with a high level of personal and professional integrity and honour my client’s confidentiality.

Lots! Bottom line – coaching helps create positive new neural pathways, which leads to lasting, sustainable change. This means coaching builds capacity, rather than dependency. And research shows that anyone can change their brain with focused effort*.

The tools of professional coaching have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, which leads to more sophisticated thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy and creativity. * Coaching will create more time for you with newfound clarity.

All true learning has an emotional base. Emotion signals our brain that something is relevant and important. Without an emotional connection it is much less likely we will be able to either remember or change. *

Commit to doing the work and allow for a little vulnerability, it goes a long way.

If you are serious about thriving in life it is. Other than the hard work and dedication required to be in a coaching relationship, it is really fun! There can be laughter, tears, fear and lots to celebrate.

You will have access to tools, practices and resources that will increase your energy and mood and find a deeper meaning of the work involved in creating a healthy lifestyle.

I coach the whole person, which means I don’t coach problems, I coach the person. This allows you to manage and steer any problems or setbacks’ that come up in life. Small changes in certain areas of your life are like a ripple effect throughout your life. Both your personal and professional life will naturally evolve as you do.

Coaching isn’t covered under benefits, but packages are available to make this as cost effective for you as possible. Many employers may offer to pay for your coaching. Companies are increasingly aware of the benefits in coaching which boosts confidence, improves work performance, and builds effective communication skills. These are ALL beneficial to an organization. If you are self-employed, you may have the opportunity to write off your coaching expenses. Please refer to your accountant to confirm. If you are looking for information for your company to cover the costs, please reach out and ask for some documentation to present to your employer.


*Be Above Leadership

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