IV Therapy

IV Therapy can get you feeling better, fast. 

Here’s how:

We understand that life is busy – sometimes it’s challenging to eat right, exercise enough and take all of your supplements.

And sometimes despite doing all of the right things, you can find yourself:

  • Wanting to get better, faster – whether it’s kicking a cold, recovering from surgery or optimizing your athletic performance
  • Needing to give your body extra support – you’re under a lot of stress, struggling with energy, or needing to tackle stubborn conditions like painful periods and migraine headaches
  • Managing a serious diagnosis or condition – chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune conditions or cancer

Your body has the remarkable ability to heal itself; but sometimes we’re too run down or sick to have that happen on its own. When these healing mechanisms are impaired, oral supplementation may not be enough – and your body’s natural ability to repair may be compromised or restricted.

IV nutrient therapy delivers high doses of vital nutrients that can be quickly accessed by your body. This high concentration and flood of nutrients ultimately helps you feel better, faster. The goal of IV nutrient therapy is to help you get and keep your health on track.

At True Roots Healthcare, we customize the nutrients in your IV bag with your unique needs in mind.

Here’s a look at our IV Menu & Formulas:

Wondering what IV treatments we currently offer? One of our naturopathic doctors would be happy to discuss the IV formulas with you and recommend what formula may be best indicated for you!

Treatments take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. During your infusion, you have the opportunity to relax in our comfortable and calming, medically supervised IV Lounge.

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True Roots Healthcare is a licensed and registered IV Facility with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and the only Naturopathic IV facility in Uxbridge. Our naturopathic doctors have completed additional training to be licensed to compound and administer IV therapy, and have a wealth of experience in doing so.

Dr. Destiny is the friendly face who administers IV Therapy at True Roots Healthcare. Having personally experienced, and having witnessed the benefits of IV Therapy herself, Dr. Destiny is excited to help make your journey back to feeling like yourself again the most nourishing possible.

Wondering if IV therapy is right for you? We’d love to answer your questions.

Visit our IV FAQ page here

To get started with IVs, book your complimentary 15 minute or full consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors by phoning our office at 905-852-2929.

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