IV Therapy FAQ

IV therapy is the infusion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants directly into your bloodstream. The ingredients are chosen based on your symptoms, needs and health goals and your IV bag is compounded on site just prior to your treatment.

Your IV may contain:

  • B vitamins B5, B6, B12, B Complex, Folic Acid and Biotin as well as Vitamin C
  • Minerals – Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium and Multi-Trace Elements
  • Blended amino acid complexes as well as individual amino acids like glycine, taurine, proline, carnitine and more

Your IV bag is compounded just before your treatment and is customized to your unique needs!

IV therapy uses nutrients for their therapeutic value, not just to correct a deficiency. At True Roots Healthcare, we challenge the status quo of health and healthcare – we want to make sure you get more than just your recommended daily amount!

When we are not feeling our best, our body needs support. IV therapy provides high dose nutrients that your body can access immediately. Bypassing your digestive tract, these nutrients have the opportunity to enter your bloodstream right away to get you feeling better, faster.

The benefit of IV therapy lies in the ability to deliver higher doses of nutrients than what can be tolerated with oral supplementation.

Because IV treatments bypass the digestive tract, nutrients are quickly absorbed and side-effects that would otherwise happen are avoided.

This ultimately means your body will get what it needs right away, and you will start to feel better, faster!

Whether you’re struggling with chronic concerns or are looking to optimize your athletic performance, IV therapy can help.

Here are some of the most concerns we address with IV therapy:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Recurrent infections
  • Colds & Flus
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Painful periods
  • Migraine headaches
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Acne and other skin concerns
  • Cancer care support

Your naturopathic doctor will determine how many treatments you may require and will discuss this with you. The number and frequency of treatments depend on your current state of health.

Some people may only come for a single IV treatment on an as needed basis, others may require multiple sessions over a few weeks or months.

Generally speaking, we recommend you start with an IV once weekly for 4-6 weeks. After a number of treatments, you will have the opportunity to meet with your naturopathic doctor to review your progress. At this time, your naturopathic doctor may change the recommended frequency depending on your response to the IV treatments.

Your IV treatment will be administered by one of our IV licenced naturopathic doctors, Dr. Leigha Saunders and/or Dr. Lynne Racette. Both of our doctors have undergone advanced training and certification in the administration of IV therapy. Currently, we are the only IV facility in Uxbridge registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

IV treatments can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over 3 hours.

The duration of your treatment depends on the volume of the IV bag, which varies according to the specific IV formula that has been prescribed for you.

Our naturopathic doctors have completed additional training, examination and certification in order to be licenced to provide IV therapy in a safe manner. Side effects are rare and can be discussed with your naturopathic doctor prior to your treatment.

Bloodwork and a focused physical examination are required before your first IV treatment to ensure you are an ideal candidate for IV therapy.

The most common side effect is a bit of tenderness or a bruise at the site of the insertion. Otherwise, IVs are quite comfortable and many patients enjoy their treatment time in our relaxing IV lounge!

IV therapy is relatively painless. In fact, the only time we use a very small needle is to insert the plastic catheter. Within a few seconds, that needle is removed, leaving just a small flexible tube during the treatment. You will be able to lay back and relax during your treatment. Any discomfort you might feel can be reduced by slowing down the drip, or adding a hot or cold pack to the arm.

During your treatment, you can relax in our comfy reclining chairs and enjoy complimentary wifi. You can listen to music, read a book or magazine, catch up on your favorite Netflix show, have a cup of tea, or just close your eyes and relax! The treatment generally involves minimal discomfort and you can resume your activities immediately after.

New and current patients can make an IV appointment by calling our clinic at 905-852-2929.

To get started, you need to be a patient of one of our naturopathic doctors, or your naturopathic doctor needs to provide us with a referral for IV Therapy.

Then, Dr. Leigha or Dr. Lynne will determine if you are a candidate for IV therapy based on your health history, goals of treatment, physical examination and required bloodwork.

Once this has been completed, we can hook you up!

Before your first IV treatment, your naturopathic doctor will do a focused physical examination and send you for blood work. Once all of the findings are reviewed, we can determine if you are an ideal candidate for IV therapy, or if we need to adjust the dosages of nutrients based on our findings.

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to prepare for treatment! This helps us access your veins easily. Eating a snack or a small meal before your treatment is also a great idea, as this will help keep your blood sugar levels stable.

During your treatment, we have complimentary water, tea, juice and snacks available at the clinic.

Treatments start at $105 depending on the concentration and volume of nutrients administered and the length of the treatment. A portion of the cost may be covered by extended healthcare insurance plans.

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