From Caitlin…

From Caitlin: 

It is with a sad heart that I officially announce my departure as Patient Care Coordinator at True Roots Healthcare. I wanted to briefly explain my exit, so that people aren’t left wondering or reading between the lines. As many of you know, my son has had multiple injuries over the past six months (starting at the end of December). At first we thought we were experiencing a string of very bad luck, but, something inside of me was telling me there is more of an explanation. Every time we had an initial, follow-up or discharge appointment at Sick Kids Hospital (there have been many) I would ask the latest Orthopaedic doctor if we should be concerned. Or, if we should be doing further testing to see if he has any of the conditions I had found while looking online, discussing with other parents, or speaking with healthcare professionals.

Finally one doctor paid closer attention and acknowledged our instincts and concern. She fast-tracked the screening and testing process for our sweet boy, and now we are patiently waiting for results.

We won’t know the outcomes of the genetic testing for another couple of months, but they have started treatment as if he does in fact have the condition in question. Ultimately – no matter what – his bones are weak from having been immobile for long stretches of time, which is making him more susceptible to further injury (even if the screening comes back negative). The bone health treatments are long and arduous but he’s a trooper. He made it through the first treatment like the champ he is, and we are grateful to have such an incredible children’s hospital so close to home.

With every injury I felt pulled between the clinic and my son. I wanted to be fully in both places, but couldn’t be (mentally or physically). Every time we thought we were officially on the mend, and he’d transition back to daycare, something else would happen to set us back and keep him home again. There comes a time when you exhaust your resources and realize that your heart is telling you what you need to do; be home with your boy.

As you all know, I love the clinic and I LOVED my job. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work there and connect with so many remarkable people. I truly can’t express what it has meant for me and how much I have grown and changed as a person (in a good way) because of it. No one could have seen this coming, and I feel awful for inconveniencing anyone and everyone throughout all of this.

As much as I am sad to have to go, I am grateful for the time with our son. I am learning so much about myself and life from the time spent together. He is so strong and so resilient, and as one of the nurses at Sick Kids said? So forgiving. He holds no frustration, self-pity or malice about what he is experiencing. Thankfully he’s young and this is his ‘normal’, as strange as that sounds. It gives me perspective every day.

I may be gone from the desk but I’ll still be around! I’ll miss it enough that you may see me when I swing by to visit. I may actually be able to get an IV, an Osteo treatment or attend community acupuncture (since I won’t be working during those times, now). One must look at the silver linings!

I want to thank Dr. Leigha for the opportunity she so generously and graciously gave me. How I wish with all my heart that things could be different!

Thank you also for your expressions of concern and support. Know that they are felt and appreciated more than I can express!

With love, best wishes & gratitude,
Caitlin (and Weston) Ball


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