Destiny is a Naturopathic Doctor married to a Medical Doctor, who lives in Whitby with their lively boys ages 8, 6, & 3.

She comes with a breath of experience in healthcare beginning bedside in a nursing home, as a Respiratory Therapist in Hamilton’s Trauma centre ICU and ER, and now as a combination of Naturopathic Doctor and care taker of her boys bumps and bruises, tummy aches, ear aches and more…


Coming face to face with burnout herself, and navigating the journey of recovery, Dr. Destiny teaches openly and passionately about the essential and dynamic flow between…
Outward/Inward flowing energy
She believes our body offers us deep wisdom and sage guidance if we’re willing to listen.

Having personally experienced, and having witnessed the benefits of IV Therapy, Destiny is excited to help make your journey back to feeling like yourself again the most nourishing possible.

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