Nervous System & Memory Concerns

  • Brain MRI

Alzheimer’s Disease ● Multiple Sclerosis ● Parkinson’s Disease ● Poor Memory

Our nervous system, comprised of the brain, spinal cord and millions of neurons, is an incredibly complex network. Maybe you have been diagnosed with a condition that is affecting your nervous system, like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s, or are concerned about not having as sharp of a memory as you are used to. There are ways to improve the way you feel – goals of treatment are centered around:

  • Delaying the onset and/or progression of a condition
  • Helping to increase the effectiveness of medication
  • Minimizing side effects from medications
  • Help gain greater mental clarity, focus and concentration

Whether you are under mental strain at work or school, or need a more intensive treatment, optimizing your nutrition and using botanical medicine can give your brain the building blocks it needs. By taking a detailed health history and forming a comprehensive treatment plan, we can identify if there are other factors that are negatively affecting your nervous system, like disrupted sleep or stress. Our nervous system is interconnected with every other system in our body – which is why it often takes a whole person approach for you to find answers and solutions to get you feeling better, sooner.

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