Muscle & Joint Concerns

  • lower body muscular system

Back Pain ● Frozen Shoulder ● Joint Pain ● Muscle Pain ● Osteoarthritis ● Rheumatoid Arthritis

No matter what the reason your muscles and joints are bothering you, you can reduce the pain you’re in. No matter if you have been living with rheumatoid arthiritis for a long time, have just pulled a muscle, or are recovering from a broken bone – therapies like acupuncture, hydrotherapy and nutrition can help reduce pain and inflammation while giving your body the building blocks it needs to be stronger.

Many patients are told that aches and pains are a ‘normal’ part of getting older. That doesn’t mean you have to live in discomfort! There are ways to age gracefully, without feeling like you’re falling apart.

And even if you do not have an exact diagnosis on why you’re in the pain you’re in, naturopathic therapies are still applicable. By treating the person, a specific diagnosis is not as important as how you are experiencing illness.

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