Fertility & Pregnancy

Whether you are thinking about starting a family, having trouble getting pregnant, are currently pregnant, or are a new mom – optimizing your health is important.

Naturopathic medicine, and treatments including acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutrition and homeopathy are widely used to help women conceive, have an easier pregnancy and delivery and during the post-natal period. Pregnancy demands a lot of your body, which is why it may need a little help. Naturopathic treatments are centered around:

  • Identifying factors like hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies that may be interfering with your ability to conceive
  • Preparing your body for pregnancy through detoxification or managing other health conditions
  • Optimizing nutritional status for mom and baby, so you both have the building blocks you need
  • Decreasing morning sickness and food aversions during pregnancy
  • Managing gestational diabetes
  • Easing the labour and delivery process
  • Recovering from giving birth
  • Initiating or increasing breast milk supply

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