Digestive Concerns

The digestive system is a powerhouse – it is constantly at work to help nourish and detoxify our bodies. It works closely with our immune system to keep us infection free and houses more bacteria than we have of our own cells! Your digestive system also has its own ‘brain’ and is an important manufacturer of our feel good hormones – in fact, 95% of the serotonin we produce is made in our gut, not our brain. If your digestion isn’t functioning optimally, you can’t function optimally!

Most patients who experience digestive concerns have undiagnosed food sensitivities and find it hard to identify the exact food that is causing them trouble. When you continue to eat foods that your body does not respond well to, it creates a viscous cycle of inflammation. When left untreated, food sensitivities can also cause migraines, skin issues, joint pain, immune dysfunction and negatively impact your mood and energy.

The good news is that you can find food sensitivity testing what foods you may be reacting to. No more guesswork or trial and error, just a finger prick blood test that will measure your reaction to 96 different foods. This testing is known as IgG Food Sensitivity testing and is completed at Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratories in Calgary, Alberta. Read more about food sensitivity testing here.

Whatever your digestive concern may be, it is possible to help you feel better.

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