• healthy eating to cure diabetes

Diabetes is now considered a global epidemic and affects more than 9 million Canadians.
And it’s not just about blood sugar – long term complications include heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, blindness, erectile dysfunction, skin ulcers, amputation and extremity numbness. Sadly, many patients are put on higher doses and additional medications to manage their diabetes and complications without helping fix what’s really wrong.

Optimizing nutrition and lifestyle factors are the key to successful diabetes treatment and management. As a naturopathic doctor, I take a whole person approach to develop an individualized treatment plan that targets what you need the most. You can manage your diabetes and start feeling better, sooner. Naturopathic medicine can help:

  • Lower your blood sugar
  • Reduce your cholesterol
  • Manage your weight
  • Prevent and treat complications of diabetes
  • Prevent and treat side effects of medications

Whether you are pre-diabetic or have been living with diabetes for years, there are treatment options for you.

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